Welcome To CreditScoreDating where good credit scores are sexy. The future of dating is here now. We use the member input credit scores in our matching process to help you find your perfect match.  Join now for a free upgraded Silver membership. Romance plus good credit scores equals dating and romantic success.

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A Humorous Handy Guide To Credit Score Dating

800-850 is "MARRIAGE POTENTIAL DING DING DING"750-800 is "take him/her home to Mom"700-750 is a "fixer-upper"650-700 is "fun for a night out, maybe, but bring cash"600-650 is "keep lookin'!"anything below 500 is "RUN because they won't even get a car loan, probably, and how embarrassing will that be at the PTA meetings?"200 is "this person is just pulling your leg and is really royalty"

You can add pictures, links, formated text, use external CSS style, whatever you want, but be sure you don't put too much... the height size is fixed and it will mess up the design if you add too much content.

Welcome To CreditScoreDating where good credit scores are sexy. The future of dating is here now. We use the member input credit scores in our matching process to help you find your perfect match.  Join now for a free upgraded Silver membership. Romance plus good credit scores equals dating and romantic success.

Don't stay alone, Join Now for Free!

CreditScoreDating.Com "Where Good Credit Is Sexy" Gets.....

National and International media coverage. CreditScoreDating.Com has been showcased by the NBC Today Show, Fox News, CBS News, featured in the New York Times and other major and some not so major news and entertainment media. We use the member input credit scores in our matchmaking formula for dating and romantic success.

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funlady1959Single Female54United StatesHudsonJul 19, 2014
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Divafied1972Single Female42United StatesSuffolkJul 29, 2014
DclintonSingle Male51United StatesEndicottMar 07, 2014
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BonjoueBelleSingle Male41United StatesMaple GroveApr 17, 2014
bigmontSingle Male42United StatesNew CastleAug 06, 2014
belindabelieveSingle Female63United StatesClaremontJun 06, 2014
BeapsychedSingle Female44United StatesNew RochelleAug 01, 2014
bayleebawn09Single Female18United StatesCincinnatiMar 07, 2014
AnthiaSingle Female49United StatesSacramentoApr 03, 2014
angelbebesSingle Female26United StatesAutaugavilleMay 02, 2014
amaretto989Single Female28CanadaMontrealJul 31, 2014
ald121096Single Female49BrazilBELEMMay 14, 2014
AlacrityDancingSingle Female25United StatesPortlandMay 04, 2014
ajmarine79Single Male35United StatesMaple HillJun 16, 2014
Active1Single Male52United StatesEast Fallowfield TownshipMar 28, 2014